“As I entered my first class that fateful evening in July, I did not know what to expect. Nervousness hit me like a shockwave of electrical lightning from a thunderous summer storm. But as I walked through the doors, I felt something awfully familiar. I felt at home. I thought to myself, this is a world I’m missing out on. It had been over 17 years since I last wrote about my world (my life as a teenager and the journey it took me on). So I opened my black and white book, and haven’t closed it since! 

“BWSI afforded me an opportunity to open this world up again! It helped me become a bold speaker, a storyteller, and helped me to begin healing wounds I didn’t know were preventing me from unleashing my hidden potential.” –Sharnique Miller, Teaching Assistant and Tutor, Writer


“The Bahamas Writers Summer Institute was an extremely memorable experience. Not only did it teach me more about the craft of writing but it allowed me to connect with fellow writers who gave me great advice and resources to develop my skills further. Helen Klonaris and Marion Bethel are extremely generous individuals who provided not only me but other Bahamians with an opportunity of a lifetime. If it were not for BWSI , I would have never felt I was good enough to pursue my writing career.” –Deandra Prabhu, Writer


“I have attended two summer sessions at BWSI  and it has been a lifeline to culture in The Bahamas and indeed  the wider Caribbean. It has been  a privilege to have the opportunity to work with such a distinguished faculty and I would encourage anyone with an interest in writing to attend. BWSI is definitely inspiring and the founders should be congratulated and celebrated.” –Heather Thompson, Attorney at Law, Writer


“Last year and the year before (while I was still in highschool) I was granted scholarships to attend the Bahamas Writers Summers Institute (BWSI) at the College of The Bahamas. I enrolled in the poetry workshop. After about 5 weeks of intense poetic reconstruction, I began to see light.
“Since then, I have been published twice in Tongues of the Ocean, an online publication, and I will be published in the 2011 edition of Poui Cave Hill Journal.  BWSI has certainly opened doors to let in amazing friends who share a similar love for the arts and I am grateful to all of them for their love and support. 
“I thank the creators and organizers and sponsors of BWSI for believing in me and  also  for helping to cultivate and mold the artistic minds of our community. It was an enriching and enlightening experience. My poetry will never be the same!” –D’Anthra Adderley, Student, Writer



One Response to “Testimonials”

  1. I am nothing but gracefully thankful for giving me/us this opportunity for expression … mine is still finding itself but nevertheless the window is cracked. Writing is a lonely practice but thanks to BWSI i do not feel so alone anymore.
    Blessings of love
    for your courage and effort ,
    Agnieszka Christie , beginner writer

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